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Interesting History From Richard Slizeski:
Here's some fun information I found while I was looking up Grandpa & Grandma on

On Grandpa (Johannes Pedersen), I knew that he had gotten his citizenship by fighting for the USA in WWI. Here's his ship manifest, the Mauretania which came from Liverpool, England on February 17, 1911. (#14 on the list). Port of Entry New York.
It's pretty blurry, but it says: Pedersen, Johannes; age 24, farmer; (Denmark, Scandinavian) New Immigrant Alien, Stamped over the town of origin: Droninglund. Father (blurry); Destination Manning IA.

On Grandma (Dagmar Johanne Engskov), I knew she came into Philadelphia, not New York, with her sister Helen & daughter Jenny so the ship manifest was from the Frederik VIII from Copenhagen, Denmark landing in Philadelphia on Oct. 31, 1919.
Again, it's blurry but you see Grandma (#4, Helene August Frederiksen #2, Jenny Kristine Frederiksen #3) age 27, "servant" (she'd love that!), Danish, Aalberg, Father: Engskov, address Bergargade 24, Aalberg. destination: Audobon, IA.

Click on this link to get actual document copies Richard sent: Manifests

Thanks a lot to Richard for this history!



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