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‘Engskow Photoshow’: "From Denmark They Came"

October 14, 2006
Photos & Stories by Karyn Pedersen
Donna shopped around and got great deals on two new pillow top beds. They are extremely comfortable! Karyn shopped around and got new bedding for both bedrooms and hide-a-bed, as well as towels for the bathroom. The cabin now boasts pillow top beds, mattress pads, 2 sheet sets per bedroom, blankets, comforters and four pillows per bed! The hide-a-bed in the living room also has new sheets and a blanket to use. All for the Pedersen clan to enjoy! Grandma and Grandpa would be pleased that the cabin will be used in this way for the enjoyment of so many!

Donna and Abbie cleaning the kitchen and preparing it for many in our extended family to use!

A nice photo of the cabin from the picnic grounds.

Paul and son Joe working outside the cabin (did they get any cookies?)

JoAnn and Bob brought delicious, warm from their oven, homemade chocolate chip cookies for the clean-up crew. We all flocked to them to visit, laugh and eat cookies with our coffee!
Karyn, Shirley, JoAnn, Bob, Steph

Karyn and Steph taking a break from cleaning. Together they found a few dead mice and lots of droppings! (But this problem has been taken care of!)

Mindy cleaning the living areas. Notice all the old bedding on the landing upstairs. The new bedding in both bedrooms and bath towels are wonderful!

Shirley cleaning the loft with a smile on her face. The loft is going to be an even more favorite hangout for the kids by the time renovations are made!

George, Larry, Cody, Greg and Dave

The guys cleaning up the outside of the cabin (raking, hauling, cutting, etc). Of course, there is always time for coffee and laughing. Warren and his dog had just driven through in his pickup and stopped for some laughs and kiddin' around (who does it better??).

"Men at Work" and their trucks.


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Ben and Ninna 1976 <<<<>>>>> Ben, Bob, Ninna, Becky

Ben and Ninna Engskov
Ben was Dagmar's brother and was a Lutheran Minister. Ben passed away in 1981 and Ninna recently passed away on September 11, 2006. See her Memorial.


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