Our Ouray Trip

I, the WEBMASTER, received 6 pictures from Donna Koehler with no description or story, except for "pictures from our Ouray weekend".

Although, come to think of it, I could adlib for you. How bout this:

Our Passion Filled Weekend In Ouray

The days were cold, the nights were "HOT". Love was in the air. Amore!

Oooohhhh BABY, that lovely banana........

It was nice and ripe and firm. Ouray has great banana. This one was a "swinger"!
As you can see in this pic, a lot of action!

It was smokin HOT! WOOOO HOOOOO! Nice Caboose.

You haven't lived till you spent the night in Ouray's 5 star hotel! The straw was so soft. XXX
Their salad bar is to die for.
OOOHHH, and those hunkin cowboys.

Great room service and hot little phillies.

YEEEE HAAAA!!!! Giddyup!


What do you think? Creates a lot of interest, right? This could be fun.

So I, the WEBMASTER, replied: How about some info with the photos so you can splain what went on - you know, like a little article that would identify where, what, when, who, etc.? Pictures are nice, but that's about all I have on the website and I think it would add a lot if contributors could add a little something of interest, I think viewers like to read and learn. A short paragraph would be nice. Just a thought.

You know, if you leave it to our imaginations............... I would have to guess there must be a story about that banana, but I have yet to figure it out. I mean really, think about it, if someone sent you 6 pictures and one of a banana hangin on a string with no splainin whatsoever - Only "our weekend in Ouray", what comes to your mind? Maybe Shirley can clarify or expand on the weekend? Her version might be different than mine.

In fact, I like my version so much I think I will publish it on the home page, or would it be better in the Travel or New - but with a little more embellishment (and names). Maybe a new XXX page?


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