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Hi, all,

Larry just completed the financials for 2011 (attached). The documents show all expenses for 2011 (including those that were incurred by Larry, Dean and me to get the cabin ready for rental last spring) and all of the income from the rental over the summer and into the fall. Larry is working on the tax return and will get that filed. Larry, Dean and I will be meeting with Gene (the realtor) on Friday, March 16, to get everything arranged for the rental this summer. Once we figure out with Gene the logistics of how family might be able to use the cabin when it's not rented, I will send something out.

Family reps--we'll meet Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. at the reunion on July 28 to discuss the financial picture and make some decisions about the rental. I'll send out an agenda in early July.
Donna (3/11/12 email to all family)

Hey, all,

Attached is the list of things we came up with when Larry, Dean and I met with Gene from Range Realty a few weeks ago. There's a lot there, but I don't think so hard to do. I'm sure we could enlist some additional help for some of the organizational things, like cleaning out the kitchen cabinets a little. Most of it is pretty simple stuff.

The biggest challenge will be finding good used furniture to fit the living room area, and an armoire for the one bedroom and keep the budget under $600, and then disposing of the old rotten furniture or finding a home for the somewhat OK furniture. Some of the listed things could probably be provided by family, i.e. a book shelf for the loft and sun room and some books to read, games, a nicer/bigger microwave, juice pitcher, crock pot, nice set of pans no one is using, small used picnic table & chairs, etc. Linda says Christy still has the sofa bed that could be used. I think if it fits, even though it might not be easy to keep clean, we could certainly see how it works for awhile. We will have to purchase new linens (watch for good sales after Christmas?)

I think we also need to be sensitive about removing/replacing the furniture or dishes. Perhaps send out an email to aunts/uncles about what is being replaced so that they can take it if they want. One example would be Grandma's coffee cups--some of these are sentimental and could be left. But what about other old dishes? What about the hassock? It needs repair, so do we repair or find a home in the family for it?

There are some things that will take some doing and $$ (work), i.e. window coverings for front of cabin (what's our budget here, Larry?), concrete pad for parking, replace patio door, line the deck railing, screen over loft window, need rod in closet and build shelves and install locking cabinet in closet. Do we hire out or does Greg or another in the family want to be paid to do? What will be our total layout of $$?

We will need to install an additional water tank, probably arrange for sometime in early spring. Maid can check the water level and call and order water or propane when needed.

Larry and Dean--do you have any changes in the attached list or additions? I might have missed something.

Once we hear back from Larry and Dean about the list and budgeted items, I think Karyn and Kathy are free to start and can certainly enlist some help. Although Gene will start promoting in January, we won't need to have all this completed until April or May.

If you have any questions about the list, call me, Donna (email sent 11/16/09 to all famly members).

List attached of things to do



It has been my privilege to serve as Trustee of the Dagmar Johanna Pedersen Trust since it was established in 1974, after John Pedersen' passing, to hold what is now basically Dagmar's Cabin and the surrounding 4 acres and picnic ground (Lot 2). Wow – 32 years, it is hard to believe!

A brief history, and you may have heard me say this before. Our family received these wonderful pieces of scenic land in beautiful Estes Park (where God spends most of his time) thru no efforts of our own, but through the love and generosity of John and Dagmar. They sacrificed many comforts in their last years – which they could have had by developing the 30 acre property for millions of dollars. Instead, as the Brothers and Sisters will recall, they told their 6 children (7, lest we forget our brother Dale Howard) to "come up next Saturday and pick out your lot" – they were just going to give it to their children. So we scrambled all over the property to pick a cabin site (the "Baby of the Family", being very brave, picked the steep high ground). And Lucia Liley, the family "Concierge" (see Godfather movie), helped John and Dagmar with their vision to preserve part of the property (Lot 2) thru the Trust for the perpetual use and enjoyment by the many grandchildren.

Since then there have been lot changes and additions by the Brothers and Sisters caused by various family circumstances. My most satisfying accomplishment, if there was any, was to see these change requests taken care of to meet everyone's needs.

A very significant development came along last year. JoAnne fortunately brought the Estes Valley Land Trust to our attention thru her friends in the hiking club, and deserves a lot of credit. The Land Trust was established in 1987 and holds "conservation easements" (basically, agreements with landowners not to develop their properties) on over 100 land parcels (+ 5,000 acres) in the Estes valley. Since then the following lots have conservation easements – Bill, Stan, Warren, Gordon and Lot 2 (Dagmar's Cabin with 4 acres and picnic ground). Sadly, JoAnn and Bob's lot did not qualify. We are working on Lot 9 (southwest comer) complicated by multiple ownership of the 6 brothers and sisters plus heirs. Important thing is we will continue to own Lot 2, but it will never be developed. And that there are "permitted uses" under the conservation easement-the right to hike, camp (tent or RV), horseback ride, cross-country ski, sled, maintain the existing "picnic area" as a site for family reunions and family events including barbecues and campfires, plant trees, etc. Plus we are allowed to repair, improve and enlarge the family cabin, to add a storage shed and also a shelter structure at the picnic area. There are some reasonable restrictions--cutting healthy trees, excavating, trash accumulation, signs, motorized vehicles (dune buggies, motorcycles and snowmobiles ridden off-road), fences, etc.

A lot has been accomplished and it is now about time for me to get out of the way and let the "young whippersnappers" (scary?) take over. After resolving Lot 9, which should be early next year, I plan to resign as Trustee. After consultation with the Brothers and Sisters, we decided to ask Dean and Larry to serve as Co-Trustees to take my place (isn't it always good that it takes 2 to replace you?). This should work very well, with Dean's presence on site and with Larry's financial skills. The Trust received $100,000 from sale of tax credits relating to the Lot 2 conservation easement. I have asked Larry and Dean to serve as an Investment Committee with me to safely and wisely invest the proceeds – a one-shot opportunity to provide future funds for the Trust. We have had a recent breakfast meeting, deciding on CD's and mutual funds. The co-trustees will also be responsible for property upkeep, paying the bills (property taxes, insurance, utilities), income tax returns and generally "keeping the peace".

Long-term I believe the co-trustees could also benefit from more family input (and some female advice would also be helpful – no, essential!). Accordingly, I want to hereby appoint a Family Advisory Committee. The Committee will meet with the Co-Chairmen at 5:00 pm the Saturday before the annual picnic for a 1 hour meeting and dinner at Dagmar's Cabin-dinner hosted on a rotating basis by a Committee member-hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill-OK. Topics should include encouraging grandchildren usage of the cabin, cleanup after usage, needed supplies, needed repairs, longer-term improvements, etc. I would like to suggest the oldest child in each family (excluding Dean and Larry) as Committee members (later it may be wise to use the youngest child!).

I will be Honorary Chairman for 1 year.
HAROLD Clan: Becky
STANLEY Clan: Donna
EVELYN Clan: Linda
WARREN Clan: Paul
JOANNE Clan: Bob
GORDON Clan: Chris
Remember, lots of clans, but only one big, happy Pedersen family!

February 10, 2006

Family Advisory Committee Meeting
July 29, 2006

The Family Advisory Committee held their meeting on July 29, 2006 at 4:05 p.m. at Gramdma’s Cabin. People in attendance were:

Gordon Pedersen – Trustee
Dean Pedersen and Larry Pedersen – Future Trustees
Becky Modlin - for Harold’s Clan
Greg Pedersen (sitting in for Donna) – Stan’s Clan
Linda Schneider – Evelyn’s Clan
Steph Whitton (sitting in for Paul) – Warren’s Clan
Bob Slizeski – JoAnne’s Clan
Chris Pedersen – Gordon’s Clan

Steph Whitton was appointed to be Secretary (because she entered the room with pen and paper). She agreed, even though Chris had a pen in his possession, which he hid.

Gordon presented the Trustee Report and explained the trust and the investments. Gordon also presented the status on the Conservation Easement on Lot 9 (Warren’s old lot). There is an urgency to this as we only have until the end of December to procure this easement. Gordon is in touch with Lucia Liley about some of the legalities and has called an appraiser to appraise the property.

Open discussion was had on how to encourage the family to use the cabin. It was agreed that if some improvements were made to the cabin that the interest would increase.

It was agreed by all that winter usage for the cabin would be important. Discussion ensued with regard to the cabin’s heater. We questioned the viability and safety of the current furnace and the smell it produces. Larry knows of a “Monitor Heater” which runs on diesel fuel that is very efficient. He said he would look into the cost of that. If the cabin had an easy and efficient heater, it was agreed that winter usage of the cabin would increase.

Clean up after usage was discussed. There used to be a check-out list of things to be done in the cabin but no one has seen it lately. Linda agreed to work on this list. It should be posted in the cabin for all to see and follow when they use the cabin. It should be stressed to everyone that common etiquette should be used when using the cabin, that you should leave it a little bit better than when you came, stocking up on things that are low or that you used up.

The big items that were addressed that need to be looked in to replacing or repaired are:

Roof replacement – of utmost importance since it looks like there is some leakage in the ceiling of the living room.

Water. There is a possibility of tapping into City water but it was agreed that trying to repair the well would be most cost-effective. Paul had mentioned that the plumbing pipes was in real need of replacement as they spew rust a lot in the spring. He also suggested installing a pressure tank to make water pressure more efficient. Gordon also suggested a holding tank could be put in the crawl space to hold more water. Larry said he would take on getting information on all these things.

Flooring. The carpet is in need of replacement. Larry has access to a carpet wholesaler where he could get carpeting at a substantial discount. But wood flooring was also suggested. Becky’s son-in-law installs floors and that could be a source for us if wood flooring is used. Tiling the kitchen and entryway was suggested, as well.

Washer and Dryer. It was suggested that a washer and dryer be installed, possibly in the closet of the bedroom right at the top of the stairs. A stackable unit would work nicely there.

Painting. Every wall with the exception of the paneling, is in need of paint. A family work day would be a great way to accomplish this.

Chimney. This should be cleaned. There is also a flue on the roof that is tipped over that needs to be looked at and fixed.

Other items that are needed and need to be prioritized are:

1. New mattresses/beds for the bedrooms.
2. Microwave.
3. Antenna for TV.
4. Screens on bedroom windows.
5. Curtains or window coverings.
6. Patio furniture (Larry Modlin could be a source for this)
7. Fire pit for outside the cabin (free-standing unit).
8. Various items to make the kitchen complete, i.e., coffeemaker, more dishes, wine glasses, corkscrew….a shopping trip would be in order to purchase items to make the kitchen more complete. Donations from family members could also be taken.
9. Bedding.
10. Towels.

It was agreed that Greg deserved to be compensated for his tremendous work on the family website. It was agreed that the family trust should pay him $25 per month for this compensation.

Everyone thought a family work day would be a great way to accomplish some of the work that needed to be done to Grandma’s beloved cabin. October 14th will be the designated work day. The main focus will be tearing out the carpet and painting.

Gordon stressed to all of us that we are the future of this family and all of us ought to try our hardest to plan to attend the family reunion each year. There will be a big push for attendance this next year and we will plan on getting a special photographer to take a big photo of the entire family (it will be 20 years since the last big photo was taken). Discussion was had about another “Cuz Fest”, with extended family being invited. We will be discussing some fun new thing to do next year to make it an extra-special day for all (maybe even karaoke!!).

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m. to attend the Saturday night party at JoAnne and Bob’s.

Respectfully Submitted,

Stephanie Whitton

Family Advisory Committee Meeting
July 28, 2007

The Family Advisory Committee held their annual meeting on July 28, 2007, at 4:00 p.m. at Phil and Donna’s home (formerly Chloris & Stan’s). Those in attendance were:
Gordon Pedersen – Trustee
Dean Pedersen and Larry Pedersen – Future Trustees
Becky Modlin – Harold’s Clan
Donna Koehler – Stan’s Clan
Linda Schneider – Evelyn’s Clan
Paul Pedersen – Warren’s Clan
Bob Slizeski – JoAnne’s Clan
Chris Pedersen – Gordon’s Clan
Greg Pedersen – to share info about the family Website
Gordon sent the agenda out ahead of time via e-mail.
1. Reading of the last minutes/appointment of secretary
2. Trustee’s financial report (Gordon)
3. Co-Trustee’s Report (Dean and Larry)
4. Cabin restoration—progress report (Donna, Linda, Paul, Greg)
5. Cabin restoration—future improvements (all)
6. 2008 Reunion Committee
7. Operational matters (all)
a. Website
b. Cabin reservations
c. Clean-up after usage
d. Encouraging usage
e. Other
8. Adjourn to Dean and Glenda’s party

1. Donna was appointed secretary (because Paul said it was a “woman’s” thing). Steph was off the hook this year. The minutes from July 29, 2006, were read/summarized.
2. Gordon presented the Trustee Report and explained the trust and the investments. The approval of the Conservation Easement for the cabin property was a blessing to keep the cabin open to the family for use year round. Total expenditures in the last year: improvements--$6,405.38; operating expenses--$2,806.00; utilities--$315.00. Total expenses were
$9,525.75. Actual assets through investments total $98,705.00. We earned enough on the investments to pay for most of the expenditures. The plan for this next year is to utilize the interest earned from these investments for the utilities, operating expenses, and future improvements and keep the actual value of the investments at about $100,000.00. We are right on target. Gordon also stated that the funds from the Conservation Easement are pretty secure.
3. Gordon stated that he is going to be meeting with Lucia, our wonderful family attorney who has so graciously helped with so many things over the
years, to turn the reins over to the co-trustees, Dean and Larry. They have to get court approval first to complete the transfer.
4. A report was given on the cabin restoration:
• We have a new fireplace screen that will keep all sparks from popping out on the carpet.
• An aluminum trashcan with a lid (chained to the top) is attached to a post just outside the patio door of the living room. This is for ashes from the fireplace and should prevent any chance of a fire.
• There was a fall clean-up day in 2006 to clean both the inside of the cabin and outside grounds around the cabin. Many family members showed up to help.
• There was a spring painting and cellar cleanup in May of 2007. Again, many family members showed up to help paint most of the inside of the cabin and clean out the cellars under the cabin. George Whitton headed up the painting. George also painted the deck. Paul hauled away the trash.
• All of Grandma’s paintings and old photos were rehung after the new painting was done.
• Paul has spent many hours putting in new electrical wiring so that the cabin will be safe for us all to use.
• Greg spent many hours remodeling the loft/attic space into a sleep/playroom for the kids (with a built-in very comfy bed) and making some improvements in the kitchen.
• A new vacuum was purchased—no bags needed. Please use instructions in the kitchen drawer if you need to empty.
• Linda purchased a stacked washer and drier, which will be installed by John’s son, David, here in the next few weeks. Paul wired the space previously. This will be located in the closet at the end of the hall by Grandma’s bedroom and will be very handy so that you can wash the linens before you leave.
• Two new pillow-top beds were purchased for the two bedrooms, together with all new bedding. Extra bedding for these beds and for the fold-out sofa can be found on the shelf above the washer and drier or in the dressers in the bedrooms. They are stored in large plastic bags to prevent the mice from walking on them.
• New towels and washcloths were purchased and are in a large plastic
green tub in the first bedroom.
• A new coffee pot was purchased and new kitchen towels and dish cloths, and there are many other additions to the kitchen supplies and dishes that have been donated by family members.
• The two small cupboards that were on each side of the kitchen sink were removed to open up that space. It looks much better.
• There are new curtains in both bedrooms.
• Joanne arranged for a professional to clean the carpet recently.
5. Cabin restoration and future improvements were discussed next.
• Carpet and tile: it was decided this was the highest priority. Before we make a decision on this, it was decided that Dean would call the company that provides the propane (Ferrell Gas) and have them check to see if there are any leaks by the kitchen stove or by the furnace/heater. There is definitely an unpleasant smell in the cabin when it’s closed up, so we will first eliminate the possibility of a propane leak. However, we do know that the smell is very strong in the sunroom, which could be from renters’ pets/urine. Larry still has his access to new carpet and tile at manufacturers’ prices.
• The chimney needs cleaning. Paul already fixed the flue on the roof that was tipped over.
• A microwave oven is still needed. They can be purchased very reasonably now during the “back to college” sales.
• Water is of some concern because of the rusty pipes that should eventually be replaced and because of the cistern. Although there is enough water now for family to use the cabin for showers, etc., there was a discussion about the taste and the safety of the water. It was suggested that we talk to John Waldo about putting a cap of chlorine bleach into the cistern periodically. A water tap would cost about $10,000 to $15,000, and it was thought that we would have to annex
as part of the City of Estes to purchase one. This does not seem like a feasible idea at this time. There was also a suggestion to purchase and install a water filter under the kitchen sink.
• Electrical outlets for the picnic and for camping at the picnic ground were discussed. Linda’s son-in-law can trench, and Paul could install the electrical.
• Becky has access to nice patio furniture for the deck. We will reconsider this in the spring.
• The possibility of building a picnic shelter or a gazebo was discussed, but the cost would be high. Renting a tent for the reunion might be a better option for the time being.
• The roof still needs to replaced, but can probably be put off for a year or two.

Family Advisory Committee Meeting

We will have our annual family rep meeting about the cabin/trust on Saturday, July 26, 4:00 p.m. at the cabin. The agenda will include the following:

See the new carpet and tile! It’s beautiful!
Update of the financial picture (Gordon, Larry) (We spent a lot on the recent carpet and tile)
Update on the insurance (Donna)
Discussion about setting priorities for future projects (they may have to wait for several years).
Discussion about a slush fund (contributions by family) for incidentals at the cabin. Think about how we might have a “petty cash” fund at the cabin to purchase propane for the gas grill, and maybe some of the usual supplies (i.e. toilet paper, paper towels, etc.) Is this realistic, fair, how can it be handled? Greg suggested this, but I’m not sure how it could work.
Discussion about how the reservation system is working out.
New Item By Becky: Family: I believe we need to talk about the beetle problem and how are we going to handle it?? Dean, Lucia, Joanne, the three sisters' retreat (me) and other neighbors (I am not sure about Warren or Phil) have started spraying or putting product on the tree. This needs to be done by the end of July before they start jumping or flying or whatever they do! I will send you the website where we are getting the product for the trees.

Thanks, all, and hope to see you there!




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